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Projects under development

Mi Bi Pi & the Dinos - 78 x 7' (5 -7 years)

Mi, Bi and Pi are the first mammals of all time. Everything is yet to be invented for them, even the fact of being a family! But Jozie and Tonio, a pair of greedy and wacky dinosaurs, would like to know what they taste like…


DR BOB - 52 x 7' (Family)

Dr Bob is a cheerful and optimistic psychoanalyst who treats patients from all over Socity town. The problem is that Dr Bob is not a very good therapist. He is so eager to keep his patients happy that he oversteps boundaries and gets involved in their lives, making blunders left and right. More often that not, his awkward interventions have a disastrous impact on the city and its inhabitants… except for the occasional miraculous outcome.

Biguden - 26 x 22' (7 years and +)

The arrival of Biguden, a young girl shipwrecked on a beach, awakens the ancient mythical creatures that were thought to have disappeared forever. Among them, Akanaon, the ancient evil druid who was banished a long time ago, is returning to recover his powers and claim his revenge.


LE COQ À COLAS - 1 x 3'

Colas Martineau’s Rooster (coq in French) has been living a peaceful and ordinary life on a French farm, until one day, he comes across a TV program and uncovers his world-wide notoriety as “A sensation called Coq à Colas!”. Stunned as he is to learn about this new feather in his cap, he wisely decides not to let pride take the better of him. In this short film, he shares his secret to keeping a healthy and balanced life in the spotlight.

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